Hail Hunter

Roof Damage

Hail Trace creates accurate hail maps that show damaged areas after a hail storm.  Stay ahead of your compitition with hail maps!

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Hail Chaser

Large Hail Alerts

Hail Trace will send Hail Alerts when hail is confirmed by radar in highly populated areas. Get the text messages that matter most.

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Hail Stalker

Paintless Dent Repair

Stay ahead of all the storms in your region with hail maps, hail alerts, and hail impacts.  This all inclusive plan covers it all!

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Hail Maps

Check out our latest hail maps across the U.S.

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Hail Tracker

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Hail Reports!

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Hail Reports

Find Damaging Hail with Hail Trace Hail Maps

By using Hail Trace for all of your weather needs you are setting your company up for success.  We will be able to take care of  hail maps, hail text messaging, and hail marketing including: postcards, websites, business logos, yard signs and much more.  It is our goal to handle the start up process of working any hail storm allowing you to make just one call!  Give us a call and find out what we can do for you today!